11 Jan 2012

About me

Hello, my name is Johan Helmer and am a self confessed geek!

Among other things I am also a;
  • PhD candidate currently writing up a thesis in biometric security
  • Developer working for a market leading ERP solutions company
  • Bit of a gym freak
  • Hacker!
It's to the last of these traits that this blog is devoted to.
By hacker I do mean the true sense of the word, I enjoy inventing, programming and modifying. In the past I may have touched upon the more malicious meaning of the word, but more out of curiosity, and always with the permission of the owner.

To start with I will be posting old projects that I previously hosted on my own server (now been retired) but keep posted as I have plenty of other projects that I'm waiting to start

If you wish to get into contact with me I can be emailed at johan (at) helmer.com