19 Jan 2010

Moto Dext Car Holder

I'm loving my new Motorola Dext/Cliq/MB220 a lot, but one thing that has pissed me off since I started using it, was that in spite it having GPS built in, I wasn't able to use it for in car GPS navigation because it doesn't come with a car holder!

After much searching online I couldn't find a holder that would hold my Dext in a landscape orientation, with the keyboard out (hey typing using a touch-screen whilst driving is dangerous after all!) without the holder fouling the keys or sockets required to use the phone.

So... to the drawing board!

The Design

The initial design called for layers of foam glued together and carved to fit the phone with wholes for the charger and volume control.

Scavenging for parts

Since I have used the same goose-neck holder for my last 3 phones (HTC P3600, Nokia N82, Nokia E90) I wanted to use the same neck with my Dext.

To do this would require manufacturing a new mount to snap onto the neck. For this I'd need the correct type of plastic that won't be to brittle that it snaps with every use.

Luckily mother had just cleaned out all her old kitchen appliances that she didn't require anymore. The following Jug was the perfect material and thickness, result!

I used my dremel alternative with a cutting disk to cut out a back plate,

and then a smaller disk and grinder stones to cut the pattern required.

The Foam Layers

I sauced some foam sheets and glue from a lock craft shop for under £9

These where cut to an approximate size and then glued together one layer at a time (this was very messy work and nearly stuck my fingers together a couple of times)

Being rather short sighted I forgot to take photos of this stage. But following is the finished product!


And we're all finished!

Top view

Back view

Side view

Front with cable

So here are the results;

Not bad hey!

It works well, I've taken it out in the car and it stays firm, even over the rough stuff!

You can shake it upside down and it still won't come out, all said and done, I've very happy with my phone holder. It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it works well!